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Pool day

Summer is here. It may not be official but it’s freaking hot out. To beat the heat I headed to my apartment pool on Sunday to catch some rays and cool off. But this idea was apparently not unique. Everyone….I mean everyone had the exact same thought, blew up their favorite floaty, put a cheap six pack in a cooler, slathered on some SPF 30, tossed a gossip mag in their beach bag and headed to the pool.

With no seats available at the very crowded pool I just jumped in and floated around taking in the sights.

There were divorced dads playing Marco Polo with their pre-teen daughters who were in visiting him for the weekend.

There was the Lesbian beach party-a-go-go on one end. Grrrls in wife beaters and board shorts sipped wine coolers and traded not-so inconspicuous hugs and kisses.

Tubby teenage boys whose voices were in mid change squirted each other with water guns.

One guy with some sort of hand injury wrapped his hurt appendage in a Zip Lock baggie and then braved the waters to toss a Nerf football around with his not-very-impressed girlfriend.

After awhile all of the people watching became boring and I called it a day. Can’t wait for the next pool day.


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