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SXSW Recap and Michelada Memories



So I never really got to posting about my last day of SX. Let’s just say I was tired.  It was an awesome time and I got to see some really great shows. On my last day I hit some day shows on South Congress. I had a really wonderful piece of pizza from Homeslice and amichelada to zap me back into life …..yum. Musical highlights that day would have to beThe Bird and the Bee  (a poppy all-girl group with super cute matching outfits) andErykah Badu (who showed up late, but rocked it any way).

Michelada recipe:

Can of beer (try Modelo, Lone Star or Dos XX)

Lemon juice from 1 lemon

2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

1 dash of soy sauce

1 dash of Tobasco

A pinch of black pepper and salt

Salt the brim of a glass, mix together everything but beer and then pour beer over the top of mixture.


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