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A Tribute to Galveston

So. It’s been a week since Hurricane Ike smashed the Texas Coast and made a horrible path of destruction all the way up to New England (a coworker’s parents have even been out of power in Pennsylvania for days due to the storm!)

I lived and worked in Galveston for a short time and my husband attended Texas A&M University at Galveston there and lived all over the Island, including a cute little house on the canal in Jamaica Beach. His folks have a beautiful home there on the West End and we visit often (see previous post about recent trip here). It’s like a little second home for us. We are still unsure how their house faired. We have NOT been able to return. This week has been pretty stressful and hurtful and I’m not even in the middle of it all. Maybe that is why it’s so hard. I feel helpless and disconnected. I’ve been pouring over Internet and TV coverage, trying to make sense of it all. In the process I decided to make a little photo slideshow.  

I found a great song, “Galveston,” performed by Jimmy Webb. The song was actually made famous by Glenn Campbell and I think it’s about a Vietnam War vet, but I still think it’s a beautiful, emotional song that works here.

I also was inspired by this photo taken this week at the venerable seafood restaurant, Gaidos, on the Seawall in Galveston. The good folks there served a free lunch to more than 1,000 first responders. How wonderful. I think the sign says it all.


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