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Mad Men Style Mania

Everyone seems to be mad for Mad Men (including me) and the oh-so-cool clothes featured on the show. So in honor of the new season of Mad Men starting (Aug. 16, yippie!) I’ve put together some inspiring images and other fashion tid bits about 60s vintage Mad Men style.

Banana Republic was wise to hop aboard the Mad Men fashion band wagon. The shop has special selections inspired by the series including this pencil skirt and top inspired by everyone’s favorite curvy Mad woMan, Joan!


By the way, if you would like to find out how to make your own pencil necklace like Joan is often wearing (as she is above) check out fellow Austinite, and Naughty Secretary herself, Jennifer Perkin’s blog.


eBay also is a great place to find vintage 60’s dresses. Whether you are a Betty, Peggy, or Joan you can find the right curve-hugging frock (even in yummy plus sizes) to wear to that Mad Men premier party. During a recent search I even found a vintage bullet bra. I also found The Rainbow Has a Mustache’s photostream on Flickr. They have lots of cool ideas on how to rock the vintage in a modern way. OH, and they have an Etsy page. Bonus!


From the rainbow has a mustache

From the rainbow has a mustache

AMC has an awesome video tour of the Mad Men costume shop. The woman behind the vintage threads lets us know that the next season will be filled with even more dramatic shapes, colors and textures. Now, word has it that Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant may launch her own clothing line.


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