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When the skies had style


I’m loving these old photos of stewardesses (yep, not flight attendants).  All of the airplane scenes from Mad Men recently really got me to thinking about how interesting, glamorous, and tad tacky and bizarre their outfits used to be. To check out more photos of these stylish stewardesses visit




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Chose the Wright Photographer


Finding the right photographer to capture that special moment, that special feeling, that special look is difficult. It takes someone who is both technically able and artistically talented. Krist Wright, a self-taught photog from Austin, may be rather new to photography, but her passion, raw talent, and attitude is simply poignant.

“I’ve always found magic in pictures and the stories they reveal,” she writes on her new Web site. “The possibility of capturing the truthful moments is what excites me the most. I believe those are the images that we truly hold dear.”

Years spent in front of the camera as an actress gives Kristi the experience it takes to direct her subjects. But she also is a great observer and is able to take a step back to let the action play out and catch candid moments. 


spaceballKristi’s photos often have a dreamy, romantic, sometimes vintage vibe. Soft colors, unique angles, and attention to detail truly create timeless images. She describes her style like a contradiction. “I’m drawn to the light and the dark. The old and the new.
The vintage and the modern.”


Kristi has snapped toddler’s birthday parties, backyard weddings, backstage at fashion shows, and concerts…..a true versatile photographer with oodles of potential.


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