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Pool day

Summer is here. It may not be official but it’s freaking hot out. To beat the heat I headed to my apartment pool on Sunday to catch some rays and cool off. But this idea was apparently not unique. Everyone….I mean everyone had the exact same thought, blew up their favorite floaty, put a cheap six pack in a cooler, slathered on some SPF 30, tossed a gossip mag in their beach bag and headed to the pool.

With no seats available at the very crowded pool I just jumped in and floated around taking in the sights.

There were divorced dads playing Marco Polo with their pre-teen daughters who were in visiting him for the weekend.

There was the Lesbian beach party-a-go-go on one end. Grrrls in wife beaters and board shorts sipped wine coolers and traded not-so inconspicuous hugs and kisses.

Tubby teenage boys whose voices were in mid change squirted each other with water guns.

One guy with some sort of hand injury wrapped his hurt appendage in a Zip Lock baggie and then braved the waters to toss a Nerf football around with his not-very-impressed girlfriend.

After awhile all of the people watching became boring and I called it a day. Can’t wait for the next pool day.


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The Thrill of the Hunt

Today marked the first day of my mini-vacay between my old job and my new job which I start on Monday. So I switched my alarm clock off, slept in and kicked off my time off with a little outlet mall shopping (so much for my goal of cleaning out my closet).

I don’t really understand the outlet mall system. Is it stuff that is out of season, irregular or just plain ol stuff that doesn’t sell at regular stores? I don’t know, but if you don’t watch out you wind up paying full price for stuff. 

Just when I was about to give up I ran across a couple of cute day dresses at the ESPIRT shop for under $15 each. I couldn’t resist when they fit and I realized I could walk out the door with them both for 30 bucks. It gets super hot in the summer around here and most of the time pants of any sort just won’t do, so these will be perfect.

The dress above was listed on the ESPIRT Web site for $59.99. I haven’t found any major flaw with my outlet purchase so I guess I just was lucky.

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Depressing TV…old people, drug addicts, dead husbands

I love watching sad and/or depressing stuff on TV. It started with a COPS obsession a few years ago. Anytime I heard that stupid theme song, “Bad boys, bad boys…” I knew I was in for a good 30 minutes of watching people with screwed up lives. I really don’t understand my facination, but usually when the remote is in my hand I gravitate to the real life murder mysteries, addiction documentaries or touching shows about old people.

My latest guilty pleasure is Intervention on A&E. The dramatic program follows around people with various addictions – heroin addicts, anorexics, meth heads and my personal favorite…shopaholics. I love the idea of the show, they try to help the addicts by sending them to some nice sounding rehab place in Arizona or on the beach somewhere. Take tonight’s episode with Emily the anorexic twin who obsessively exercises and thinks that her skeletal frame looks fat. Her family steps in and helps her out and she gets better.

Last weekend I stumbled upon another tear-jerking documentary. Hear and Now the “deeply personal memoir” on HBO tells the story of a couple in their 60s who have been deaf since birth and they decide to undergo a new medical procedure that will allow them to finally hear. Their emotional journey of hearing music for the first time or the sound of snow crunching below their feet was great. This doc had two of my favorite elements for depressing TV – old people and medical conditions. It’s the perfect recipe.

Last night I popped in my latest Netflix order, P.S. I Love You. I think I was only five minutes into this bad boy before the tears started to flow. Another favorite recipe for sappy sad viewing – dead spouses. This movie focused on a dead Irish husband and his lovely wife. I get a little misty-eyed just thinking about it.



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May showers…



Nothing is better than a sudden spring storm. I love lightening and thunder and a nice cool shower that comes and cools everything off. Even better, watching the rain come down with a nice glass of white wine. What a nice way to cap off the day and begin a nice quite night at home.

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Ok, I’ve never been up on trends so I’m super late catchin’ a ride on the Pilates train, but I officially have started working out using the technique. Who knew that the stretching and ab-killing exercises were developed by a man named Joseph Pilates back during World War I as a way to improve the rehabilitation of war veterans.

Upon the urging of two close guy friends (yes, men) I hooked up with a private trainer who offers classes at her house.  She has a reformer Pilates machine and it kicked my butt. It made me realize both how strong and how whimpy I am. 

In an effort to tone up and get healthy as I approach 30 I wanted to do something like this. Plus, I’m bored and thought, ‘what the hey.’

I’ve always been pretty flexible so some of the Pilates moves were very natural. Others, not so much. But if you’ve ever thought about trying Pilates, give it a shot. The only drawback…sore tummy muscles!

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So I always get questions about my two favorite purchases of the past year. Both of which I picked up at the Stitch arts/crafts/fashion fair in Austin.

My necklace, which I love, is from Nashville-based Freshie and Zero. They have lots and lots of pretty handmade sterling silver jewelry. The name of the company comes from the designer (Bethie, rhymes with Freshie) and her dog, Zero. At Stitch I got to talk with Bethie…um I mean Freshie. She was super sweet and helped me pick out my fave Bucket and Pail necklace.

Next is my purse from Cahoots handbags. They use vintage upholstery (think old elvis velvet tapestry that hung in grandparent’s basement). Mine is called “Hunter.” There is a giant deer on the back and a scene of hunters on horseback on the front. At Stitch I met Paige, from Cahoots. She explained that the co. was once based in Austin but they moved to cheaper digs in Gainesville (north of Dallas). I love, love, love their one-of-a kind bags like the Pow Wow, Flagellum or the Upper Room shown above with Jesus and his peeps.

“We believe that a handbag has the potential to replace the security blanket of your childhood and that making you think of your grandmother’s couch, apron, or tablecloth is the nicest gift we could possibly give you,” Cahoots says on their Website. 

I say, “count me in!”

Plus, all the bags seem to match almost everything you wear. I plan to buy a new one at the next Stitch.

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Hello, all!

Thanks to my friend over at Travel Obsession I’m now in the blog world. Stay tuned to for rants, raves and good ‘ol writing in circles.

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